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fire sprinkler pipe fittings

ULFMvalve.com, a global leader in manufacturing mechanical fittings, recently launched grooved pipe fittings and systems for abrasive applications. The owners of ULFMvalve.com maintained that the products have very high service life compared to ordinary pipe fittings. They also added that the pipe fittings are ideal for abrasive applications. They also said that the pipe fittings can drastically reduce the need for routine maintenance, thereby saving money and time, both.

ULFMvalve.com products come with standard inner diameter dimensions so that full flow capabilities can be ensured. The adequate diameter dimensions reduce the gap between fitting-to-fitting and pipe-to-fitting connections between pipe ends. The owners said that this particular attribute further extends the service life of the fittings.

"Our products are both UL and FM approved and this includes not only the grooved pipe fittings, but also the fire sprinkler pipe fittings and malleable iron pipe fittings. We offer significant cost benefits by decreasing the need for time to time replacement. In addition to that, we want to ensure superior service as after-sales service is something which makes our brand stand apart all our competitors especially in the domestic market. We also want to offer outstanding customer service to our overseas buyers who are often concerned about product quality, compatibility and adaptability", said a marketing executive while speaking on behalf of the Shandong based manufacturing company.

According to the executive, the grooved pipe fittings and fire sprinkler pipe fittings are all approved by FM, UL, ASTM BS, API, DIN, EN and other international quality standards for industry-grade pipe fittings. In addition to that, the owners informed that their manufacturing facility has already received ISO 9001 quality certificate. They added that they put emphasis on quality checking and assessment before their products are shipped to clients in China or abroad.

The CEO and managing director of ULFMvalve.com said, "We have aimed at launching more innovative products in the next fiscal year. Our products are performing well in the overseas market, but we do believe that the grooved pipe fittings and other products have even better potential. We just want to keep serving our clients in this way."


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