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What is a post indicator valve?

What is a post indicator valve?

A post indicator valve is a post that sticks out of the ground about 3 to 4 feet and is usually located in a parking lot island. It has a “L” shaped handle which is locked to the side.

This unit connects to a shut off valve in your underground fire line and is used to shut off the water supply to the system for maintenance or emergency.

You may or may not need this in your system. It depends on the water/building/fire department requirements for your area.

A standard scenario is to have it located out in the parking lot island where it will not be damaged by vehicles.

Another option is to locate this valve on the wall of the building where your fire sprinkler riser room is. This is know as a “wall p.i.v”. Both scenarios serve the same purpose, but each jurisdiction has their own requirements for its location.

All post indicator valves have a window which shows if the valve is open or closed.

post indicator valve


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