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fire sprinkler pipe suppliers

fire sprinkler pipe suppliers

A fire sprinkler pipe is the component of the fire fighting sprinkler system that discharges water when the fire had been detected that the temperature exceeded the predetermined temperature. The fire sprinkler piping is extensively used worldwide. There are several sprinklers provided by the fire sprinkler pipe suppliers, like quick response, standard response, CMSA, residential, ESFR.

Fire sprinkler piping includes many types such as wet, dry, and repeated opening and closing preaction system, etc. The mostly used is the wet type system. In the automatic sprinkler system has been installed, there are more than 70% for wet type system.
Product standard:ASTM A135 or ASTM A795
O.D.: Φ33.7—Φ219.1 (mm)
Wall thickness: 2.75—5.0 (mm)
Anticorrosive: 1. hot galvanized; 2. powder coating; 3.painting
End state: 1.Grooved; 2. Plain end; 3.screwed & socketed

Function: Fire and water supply system in building

To be one of the fire sprinkler pipe suppliers, we manufactures& supplies steel pipe for sprinkler fire fighting system. The major products applicable to the pipeline fire, water, heat, gas, sewer, subway, airports, seaports, bridges, tunnels, railway stations, pipeline system and so on. To enlarge sales of products to the global market, all export products have gained FM Certification and UL Certification.

Fire Sprinkler Pipe

fire sprinkler pipe suppliers


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