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Pipe clamp fittings are a quality versatile range of malleable cast iron slip-on pipe - tube fittings with a galvanised finish and are manufactured to BS EN 1562 1997.

Typical applications for pipe clamps are handrails, safety guardrails, fencing, shopfitting, milking parlours, racking, playground equipment, games and sports practice nets, greenhouse shelving , exhibition stands, roof top safety and fall prevention, pedestrian barriers and wheelchair access ramps.
With no welding, fast construction is by means of a simple hexagon key.

Much confusion is caused by the sizing and designation of Pipe clamps. 
All inch sizes referred to are Nominal Bore sizes and relate to the Nominal {not actual} bore of the pipe or tube used. 
For example: The 1" PIPECLAMP will fit a 1" or 25mm Nominal Bore Pipe or tube with an OD of 1 11/32" or 33.7mm. 


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